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Mr Gus MacLean

Miss Tamsen Croft
Mrs Catherine Kelly
Mrs Catriona MacLean
Miss Amy Marshall
Mrs Carole McGirr
Miss Georgina McMaster
Miss Elspeth Scott

Mr Peter Nelson

  Senior School - Art & Design Department



  • Higher pupils visit Paris, deepening their appreciation of art. Younger pupils are introduced to the world of art by visiting Scottish Galleries and Museums.
  • Very strong Art College entry - usually 20 places per year.
  • An evening class in figure drawing and painting is open to parents, pupils and locals, culminating in a yearly exhibition.
  • The weekly Art Club is available for all pupils to explore new techniques such as ceramics, jewellery making, printmaking, sculpture and theatrical design.
  • Dramatically presented exhibitions at parents' evenings and at Sports Weekend. Pictures by pupils regularly on display around the school.
  • A new Photography Higher involves practical work that encompasses traditional dark room skills and contemporary techniques in digital camera work with Photoshop software.
    Animation classes in Form III.
  • Plans for the Maguire building feature an entirely new-look department.


Ages 5-14

We provide a varied and balanced programme of teaching based on the Expressive Arts Attainment Outcomes, incorporating many new initiatives such as a sculpture prize.
Drawing: at all levels, pupils learn to record and investigate the visual world through a variety of media and techniques.
Expressing: pupils learn how to communicate ideas, reflecting themselves, their experiences and environment through painting, drawing and sculpture.
Creating and designing: through appreciating the importance of design in everyday life, pupils begin to grasp the creativity process.
Discussing and appreciating: all pupils are encouraged to discuss the work of artists and designers. Written work emphasises personal reaction and interpretation.

Age 15+

Pupils explore a theme through their work, improving their skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and photography.
Intermediate Two: teaches concepts such as perspective, tone and colour.
Higher: with greater freedom in choosing their own ideas and media, pupils focus on one project.
Advanced Higher: producing a folio of work, pupils choose a theme that is developed through set projects. A project is also completed in Design or Art and Design Studies.

Pupils research and investigate practical design problems, developing alternative solutions using many techniques including computers. Solutions are presented in two or three dimensions.
Intermediate Two: pupils learn to grasp the design process, investigating a brief, developing ideas and producing solutions.
Higher: pupils select an open design brief and develop a three dimensional solution, meeting a clearly defined need with originality.
Advanced Higher: pupils investigate potential solutions in product design, furniture, graphics, illustration and environmental design. A project is also completed in Expressive or Art and Design Studies.

Art and Design Studies

Pupils are encouraged to develop mature and critical views regarding their own work and the work of other artists and designers, as well as appreciating the history of Art and Design.
Intermediate Two: focusing on the Built Environment, three artists are researched. Pupils also study a Design Unit and learn how to write a critical essay.
Higher: following gallery visits, pupils produce a critical, insider investigation of artists and designers.
Advanced Higher: each pupil chooses a living artist or designer and examines their work and context fully and critically - also, hopefully, meeting the subject of their studies.